I am like a magician

Watch me pull a hot bottle of milk from under my cape!!

Pumping at an airport with no nursing room is super weird. Lax is not cool for moms.

Hey sleep trainers, suck it!

This is actually working and Rex has a slight cold and it’s my first week back to work!! I win, I win!

Hope I didn’t jinx myself but night 2 or scott running the night shift and Rex slept 7.5 hours in a row. The rest was touch and go but that is huge since he usually is up hourly from when we put him down till when he gets up.

I am a little upset we didn’t do this sooner but also still not sure I trust sleep training. It seems like a marketing ploy to sell books to exhausted parents.


The birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming, mom slept 6 consecutive hours for the first time in probably a year!!!

Sleep training, night 1, begin!
Rex has teethies!!

Rex has teethies!!

I made it through my last day of maternity leave. Instead of a nervous breakdown we went to the beach. It was beautiful, just like the last 7 months, my 2 kids, my husband and San Francisco. I am going to trade it all in for a cubicle tomorrow.

Did I mention

I am going back to work in a handful of days!! I haven’t had time to spew thoughts or feelings, probably for the best. Omg…it really is hard to believe. My baby is already 6 months (almost). my big girl is self sufficient. My nanny is super cool & inspiring. I’m even taking a wood shop class on weekends so I don’t forget about ME! My sitch seems pretty perfect for now. Goals: enjoy last minutes of home, avoid oncoming work drama, get everything done every day. Check check.