Tooth gone just in time for school pictures on Monday!

Tooth gone just in time for school pictures on Monday!

The lion sleeps

Oh the glory of sleeping all night. The world is a beautiful place again! Magical, glorious, wonderful.

I’m pretty sure I just missed Rex’s first steps…

Except number 19, that would be Beverly Hills. Oh how I love being a city parent.


Would you pay 2500/month for in home daycare? I finally found one a block away, really sweet and with an opening BUT that seems like Stanford tuition…

parentingthewayweseeit said: My oldest NEVER slept for me and cried all the time with me. The moment her daddy came home she was fine which frustrated me because I tried nonstop to calm her. I had my in laws come over and she would fall asleep right away. He may feel your tension and as a result not want to calm down. I know it sounds crazy but they feed off of our energy. Maybe have someone watch the kids over night, at your house, so you can sleep while they take care of them. It'll all work out.

Oh I wish dad was the secret. We have tried all configurations of dad+baby in lower bunk, me+oldest in big bed, all 3 in big bed, all 4 in own beds (doesn’t last more than an hour), etc. Adding a 5th person to the mix would be cruel unless we got a hotel night. Plus I can’t possibly have anxious energy when I am in a deep sleep?? Maybe during waking hours-I am finally seeing someone abt that;) Oy vey, thanks for the perspective though!

He just won’t sleep

I don’t know what to do. We don’t have space to cry it out and he would be crying all night. He is up about 4 times per night and a bulldozing screamer.

What are psych problems like as babies? Is he going to turn into a nut job?